Services - Prints for sale and photographic training

Prints For Sale

Prints are available directly from myself. If you would like me to supply prints direct, contact me using the Contact Page on this website. Photographs supplied direct by myself are either for the supply of the signed print only, mounted on foamcore with a matte, or both mounted and framed. The print only comes rolled in a postal tube for maximum protection during transport. Prints are only produced to order so there will be a time delay between ordering the print that depends on the time taken to print, any other processing, eg. framing, packaging and time taken to reach the destination.

Supply of print only (Posted rolled in a postal tube.)

This depends on the size of the print and is charged at the rate of $40.00 per square foot or $430.56 per square meter plus packaging and postage.

Print Size

All photographs are printed from digital files originally produced in a digital camera or digitised from film. Because of this there are limits to how big a photograph can be printed. How large a photograph can be printed depends on the size of the image file and the intended viewing distance. See the Contact page to discuss with me the best print size for your particular print and location where you intend to hang the print.

Prints are available in a variety of media and sizes. The printing papers I use are all high quality inkjet papers including 310gsm Canson Rag Photographique and Platine Fibre Rag. For further information on printing see the "Info" page on this website.

Allow sufficient time to receive the print. Printing will take three to four days at a professional processing lab. Packaging and processing will take another day and finally time to receive the print through the mail/courier system.

Framed Prints

The process of supplying framed prints is yet to be finalized. If you would like a framed print contact me to arrange this.

Photographic Tuition

I am available for training both in photography, and computer processing of your images. Training is arranged as requested to fit in with my professional schedule. I would prefer small groups for practical training with a maximim of five participants. Price per individual depends on the size of the group. Training is available on the following topics but can be tailored to suit your needs.

1. Basic theory of photography
  • Includes discussion of F stop, exposure time, and ISO, the exposure triangle, automatic and manual exposure modes, focussing modes, manual focus, and the histogram
    2. Advanced theory of photography
  • Getting the exposure right in difficult lighting situations, controlling depth of field, use of filters, high dynamic range photography, selecting the correct ISO
    3. Camera craft
  • The basics of using your camera to get great images, use of the tripod
    4. Photographic composition
  • How do you arrange your image in the camera viewfinder. Are there rules that help you get a great image?
    5. Landscape Photography
  • What is the secret of taking great landscape images
    6. Photographing Wildlife/Nature
  • What to look for in creating a great wildlife/nature image. How do you set up your camera for taking wildlife images?
    7. Basic Image computer processing
  • All digital images benefit from some processing. I can show you how to get the best out of your images. Raw conversion and the basics of using Photoshop.
    8. Advanced concepts in computer image processing
  • Advanced concepts in the use of raw convetrers and Photoshop
    9. Colour management
  • Getting colour right in your images, monitor calibration
    10. Printing your own photographs

Decide on the topic/topics that you are interested in and contact me to arrange a taylored program including both theory and practical components.